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Terms & Service Agreement

About the document:

The terms & service agreement is created and shared with an affiliate to communicate the essential information pertaining to the collaborative partnership between the affiliate and QuantInsti Quantitative Learning Private Limited and entities owned/controlled by it (QuantInsti). The document broadly focuses on the following areas:

1. QuantInsti Affiliate Program

2. Licensing

3. Tracking & Reporting Platform

4. Payout Terms & Methods

5. Mandatory Guidelines

6. Support & Assistance

QuantInsti Affiliate Program:

QuantInsti has started an initiative to collaborate with affiliate partner(s) (Affiliate) who wish to support the vision of the company by reaching out to interested learners across the globe to increase the awareness about the domain of Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading through the affiliate program called QuantInsti Affiliate Program.

Through this program, Affiliate(s) can promote Quantra course(s) with their audience(s) and generate commissions on the basis of the commission details that will be shared with them by their Affiliate Relationship Manager(s) from the Collaboration Team at QuantInsti.


During the term of the agreement, QuantInsti grants the Affiliate a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable license to use, display, promote, and distribute the QuantInsti materials and course(s) that are made available from the program site and to publish the same on the Affiliate offering pages, or/and in an email correspondence sent by the Affiliate, subject to approval by QuantInsti.

The timing, positioning, and display of the Quantinsti Materials with regards to any course(s) shall be at the sole discretion of the Affiliate, provided that such display and usage shall have been approved in advance by QuantInsti. Nothing herein shall obligate the Affiliate to accept or promote any course(s) or offer(s). Provided that, QuantInsti may revoke any right to use the material in case it is used in a manner with affects the goodwill of QuantInsti or the courses or is used in a misleading manner.

All rights which are not expressly granted herein are reserved by QuantInsti and the Affiliate shall not make any use of the course(s), or the QuantInsti materials, in whole or in part in any manner not expressly permitted by this agreement.

Tracking & Reporting Platform:

QuantInsti will provide a platform to Affiliates to help such Affiliates(s) track traffic, conversions and commissions in real-time. Affiliate(s) may also be able to access updated assets for various campaigns & deals, which can help learners enrol themselves into the course(s) at a better price.

All Affiliate(s) will have to register themselves on the platform to be a part of the QuantInsti Affiliate Program. Post which, the Collaboration Team will conduct necessary checks for account approval and accordingly help them with the onboarding process.

Payout Terms & Methods:

The transactions occurring through the affiliate source(s)/link(s) will be tracked on the integrated tracking & reporting in the platform. The Affiliate(s) will be able to check the same at their own convenience. Post the approval of the transaction(s) on the platform, the respective commission amount will be reflected in the Affiliate(s) account.

At the end of the billing period, the Affiliate will be contacted by the Collaboration Team at QuantInsti for raising the necessary invoice. Upon receiving the invoice, the Finance Team at QuantInsti will process the payment in the Affiliate’s bank account within 45 days of receiving the invoice. The determination of the payout by QuantInsti shall be final and binding on the Affiliate.

The payout at the end of the billing period will only happen through a Manual Payout method, in which the Affiliate(s) will be responsible for sharing the invoice for the commission amount along with the necessary details to facilitate the commission transfer.

Mandatory Guidelines:

1. Profanity: Do not publish any form of profanity (obscene language, curse/swear words) in the ads or any marketing communication.

2. Badmouth or attack others: Do not badmouth or talk ill about any brand, product, region, etc. We do not post anything which speaks or refers to any individual or organization in a negative light.

3. Making false promises: Do not publish anything which promises assured returns or profits.

4. Mentioning legalities: Mention all legalities, compliance-related points, or regulations, ONLY if it is available from an official source like a Government/Regulator official document. Whenever we mention this, we should ALWAYS provide a link to the Source.

5. Content approval: All content communicated must comply with guidelines as mentioned above. Any article or piece of content used for promotion that bears information about trading software or broker or platform; laws, and regulations should be specifically approved by QuantInsti over email.

Support & Assistance:

In case you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact our Collaboration Team at collaborate@quantinsti.com